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Your executives rely on manager feedback and financial spreadsheets to inform their routine operational decisions. However, for their most critical strategic concerns, they choose consultative expertise and analytical methodologies to guide them in charting an improved course for success.

Argosy International offers a suite of complementary Strategic Management Services that helps top decision-makers examine roles, relationships and actions that define their company's infrastructure and its compass in the marketplace.

With each of our clients, Argosy develops an individualized approach that honors highest-level management knowledge and established strategic imperatives.

The Argosy toolkit contains advanced assessment and diagnostic tools and techniques. Our consultants are versatile in adapting these methodologies to a variety of organizational cultures and structures.

Our primary competencies in this area include:

  • Strategy Express - When your company is dealing with an immediate need to re-define its strategic path, Argosy offers a fast-track process that realigns the components of your Strategic Plan. This facilitated approach addresses situations such as unexpected windfalls, setbacks, acquisitions, and divestitures. Guiding your planning team with the principles of “strategic thinking,” Argosy experts can create a course to mitigate the disruptions of unplanned business events.
  • Strategic Planning – Leaders who want both a pragmatic and analytical approach to Strategic Planning choose Argosy because we are skilled at performing a thorough diagnosis of your business operation and then developing an organizational map to address strategic and tactical priorities. Through client consultations, we select from the finest diagnostic tools to evaluate your business. By delivering outcome-rich results, Argosy can help your company launch a comprehensive and updated plan for growth.
  • Change Management – Argosy conducts organizational interventions when your company is undergoing significant change related to restructuring, corporate performance, and strategic imperatives. Our practitioners work effectively with all levels of your company – your Board, owners, management, and staff – to help define, implement, and most importantly, manage required organizational change. This service is designed to equip your leadership with essential change management competencies.
  • Strategic Alliances – Argosy’s negotiation strategies help your business partnerships succeed at defining and executing the mission of your alliance. Using principles of a Partnering Charter, we guide two or more business entities through the process of addressing roles and expectations that may be unclear or conflicting. Valued as a preventative approach, we can work with you during the launch of your alliance and through its mid-course corrections.
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation – Because company meetings can be an expensive investment, when you require outcomes of significance, Argosy’s organizational consultants can facilitate the meeting process for high-impact results. To expedite the outcomes of your management meetings, conferences, and retreats, we create a results-oriented meeting design, often incorporating team-building exercises that use real-time situations and solutions. Our service always includes follow-up evaluation and consultation.
  • Advisory Board Formation – When you and your organization are ready to receive periodic critical review and advice from a diverse corps of resourceful executives, Argosy will guide you in the process of forming, composing, and maximizing value from Advisory Boards. A senior Argosy consultant may be retained to serve in a “Lead Advisor” capacity.
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