About Argosy

Argosy International was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Ellicott City, MD. We provide an array of Strategic Management services and Leadership Development programs that have been employed by CEOs, presidents, entrepreneurs, and executives in the United States and abroad.

Richard Yocum founded Argosy International to serve senior leaders who face strategic (often game-changing) shifts in the organizations they lead and in their own careers.

The Argosy Team consists of seasoned professionals with demonstrated expertise that energizes leadership and directs organizational change. Team members are skilled in working with the executive core, whose leadership drives corporate success. By adopting Argosy strategies that equip senior management to tackle corporate priorities and resulting challenges, our clients generate outcomes that position their companies to achieve higher performance and sustainable growth.

Argosy's Signature Services are distinguished by our value-added techniques and tools that engage senior management and, more importantly, establish buy-in for change. Our deep commitment to the process, and the individuals participating in it, is our foundation for delivering high-caliber services.

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