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Your top leaders are called on to address critical organizational issues that will advance your company’s growth. Yet, how frequently do any of your highest-ranking executives take the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and optimize their efforts?

Your executive core is your company’s engine, creating the force and momentum to convert your strategic goals to desired outcomes. Periodically, even high-functioning executives need to revitalize their capabilities, with a clear focus on increasing their contribution to the company’s success and improving their own leadership fitness.

Argosy International provides in-depth executive consultation services that exceed traditional parameters of executive coaching. When you or your top-level managers are ready for a rigorous experience that will enhance your leadership effectiveness, Argosy practitioners will design a challenging path to support both personal and professional development.

Through consultative services, diagnostic tools, and personalized evaluations, Argosy consultants will establish an interactive process and trusting environment with your executives. Our ultimate goals are to validate leadership strengths and to discover leadership potential.

The primary competencies offered under Leadership Development are:

  • Executive Coaching – Argosy team members recognize that the biggest leadership challenge is engaging the entire enterprise in the vision. Using a consultative model, our executive coaches serve as an objective sounding board for your executives to identify roadblocks and challenges to their leadership role. Tools which assess personality and leadership styles may be selected to identify areas for executive rounding and growth. Argosy then supplies a supportive zone for learning essential management skills such as setting priorities, making decisions, confronting key business issues, managing conflict, improving collaboration, managing time, and handling change.
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  • Executive Assessment - When you are committed to a strategic approach to executive succession or you need to evaluate leadership fit in any part of your company, Argosy offers its premier service of comprehensive leadership assessment. Our Executive Profile process is distinct because it includes a multi-layered approach, sensitivity to senior management, and 360 degree feedback systems. Executives who have participated in this process often report greater satisfaction with their current position or new assignment. Organizations that adopt this process are better able to understand their executive talent and ensure management continuity.
  • Senior Team Building and Development – Argosy has a successful track record helping senior managers recognize that enhanced outcomes often can be linked to collaborative engagement. The Argosy Team has substantial professional experience in designing meetings and experiential exercises that promote team-building among your top ranks. To accelerate team development and to sharpen high-functioning teams, Argosy’s clients frequently request sessions dealing with visioning, planning, and problem-solving.
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